I’m Not From Around Here

MY WIFE HAD NEVER SEEN JOHN CARPENTER’S “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK” (don't ask; it's unexplainable) and wanted to know what the story was before watching it. I started off my synopsis with "At some point in the future, New York City is cordoned off and turned into a prison..." at which point she interjected, "Okay, so that’s totally believable.”

There’s a number of reasons why someone would want to escape from New York and some people have. Not a lot mind you but there have been sightings.

But why would any one escape to New York?

Who are these people? Where do they come from? Why did they come here? More importantly why did they stay? These are some of things that I’m looking into in this series and hopefully showing the answers in an interesting way.

Credits: Writer, Director and Editor

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